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Themo fall campaign

Client: Themo
Project: Fall campaign concept + video

Themo is a step into the future, the first of its kind! It's a smart thermostat that uses live data from the open market and uses it to optimise intense heating periods. This way you pay up to 60% less than you normally would.

Naturally the most intense heating period is in autumn, which means it’s the most important period for Themo sales. Our goal was to create a concept that would help boost high season sales for Themo. We came up with a solution, using partnering energy companies as links to buyers, to make a landing page and use the customer mailing list for direct sales. We analysed the strengths and the database and made the offer as apetizing as possible, while still maintaining power over the action triggers through the landing page.

This was a good example of a two way tool for both Themo and the power companies, making it more than a good idea.

Want a similar video?

Want a similar video?