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Reket music video

Client: Reket
Project: "Hetked" music video

The idea to this video came to us on winter 2018, when Reket won an award with nublu! and on stage his partner said that even Anett Kontaveit is nothing without Reket (transl. racket). It was a thing we couldn´t let go, so we asked both partier a simple question - what if? When bot said "why not", we partnered with Unibet who helped things happen and this is how the video was born. The aim was to boost the popularity of tennis in Estonia through the fine art of video and modern trends/idols amongst youngsters. Inspired by the options on table, we created a catchy plot and with the help of the National Tennis Association, managed to get famous tennis figures to participate in the video to make it truly stand out and connect with the Estonian audience.

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